Estimate for Clearing and Pond Restoration

March 1st, 2024

Mr. Kent Messini

Director of Operations

Northwest Classical Academy

3010 Cobb Pkwy NW, Kennesaw, GA.

Subject: Estimate for Clearing and Pond Restoration

Dear Mr. Messini,

I appreciate the opportunity to provide an estimate for the upcoming project at Northwest Classical Academy involving the clearing and regrade around the retention pond. Please find the details of the estimate below:

Scope of Work:

  • Tree Clearing:

    • All trees, brush and growth will be removed including roots and stumps. . (Please see photo below. Circumference of the pond: 502.83 ft).

    • All removed materials will be chipped and placed on site in a designated area chosen by the client.

  • Chain Link Fence removal and replacement:

    • The chain link fencing around the pond will be removed as needed and replaced in order to access the pond..

  • Bank Regrading and Seeding:

    • Banks of the pond will be regraded to a slope to no greater than 3:1.

    • Seed using a high-quality grass seed.

    • Cover seeded areas with wheat straw to prevent erosion during the growth phase on the banks of the pond and areas disturbed by equipment.

  • Standpipe Drain Correction:

    • Excavation and clearing around the standpipe drain to ensure proper flow and drainage of the pond.

    • Rip rap stone will be added where needed around the standpipe drain.

  • Landscaping and Restoration:

    • Repair all grass and bed areas affected by heavy equipment during the project.

    • Asphalt and concrete surfaces will be hosed off if water is available.

Project Timeline: The estimated duration of the project is 3 weeks, starting from the commencement date.

Cost Estimate: The total cost for the aforementioned scope of work is $19,825. This includes all labor, materials, equipment, and any associated fees.


To initiate the project, a 30% deposit is required. This helps us cover a portion of our costs for the project. The final payment is due within 10 days of project completion. A 5% late fee will be applied for payments made after 20 days. We prefer payment through check or ACH transfer. Credit cards may be utilized for transactions under $50,000, with a 3.5% surcharge added.

For any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at 770-255-8718 or via email at

This quoted price will be honored for 90 days or until 06/01/2024.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!


TJ Stoner

Owner / Operator

North Georgia Clearing and Excavation LLC