Estimate and Project Plan for Retention Pond Erosion Correction and Rip Rap Installation

Project Details:

Client: David Lico / Madison Subdivision HOA

Location: Madison Subdivision, Madison Dr., Cumming, GA.


  • The retention pond, situated behind the Madison Subdivision clubhouse, is confronted with a challenge involving approximately 650 feet of shoreline erosion. (Please find attached site and plan images below)

  • Spillway Erosion: There is a need to address deep erosion in spillways leading to the retention pond behind tennis courts. (Please find attached site and plan images below)


Our proposed solution involves regrading the pond banks, establishing a gradual 3:1 slope, and implementing rip rap stone to stabilize and fortify the slope. Removing 2 large trees by inlet pipe on the bench side of the pond and adding rip rap to the drain area. Regrading the spillways behind the tennis court and installing rip rap stone to stabilize the spillway and prevent future erosion. (The measurement for rock behind the tennis court is not exact but is a guess or estimate. The measurement cannot be exact because the shape of the terrain changes as well as the depth will vary.) This method is widely recognized as the most effective and appropriate solution for addressing these specific issues. (Please find attached site and plan images below)

Project Steps:

Staging Equipment and Materials:

The first day will be dedicated to bringing equipment and materials on-site.

Equipment will be delivered to the clubhouse parking lot and placed in designated areas until the commencement of work.

Rip Rap stone, transported by dump truck, will be carefully deposited on a 16’x20’ plywood barrier to protect the asphalt.

The work area will be appropriately sectioned off with orange safety cones.

Pond Bank Excavation and Regrade:

The total length of banks in the pond spans 702 feet, including the retaining/head wall. Approximately 600' x 3' of the bank immediately next to the pond, and 308' behind the tennis courts, will undergo regrading to establish a rough 3:1 slope.

The regraded areas will be smoothed and packed to ensure stability.

Rip Rap Installation:

A total of 96 tons of rip rap stone, ranging from 4”-8” in size, will be strategically installed along a 3’ wide by 600’ long shoreline and a 4' wide by 308' long area behind the tennis courts to effectively stabilize both areas and prevent future erosion. This solution is recognized for its long-lasting effectiveness.

Regrade, Seed/Straw, and Pine Straw:

The pathway used for equipment access and all areas around the pond and tennis courts affected by equipment use will be repaired.

Regrading and smoothing will be performed, followed by the application of grass seed and straw to prevent erosion during seed germination or pinestraw/mulch in bed areas. Additional grass seed may be required for future overseeding to achieve complete grass repair.

Removal and disposal of wooden bridge within the pond is included in price. Any additional left rock will be used to dress up the up drain inlet after bridge removal.

This comprehensive plan aims to address the erosion concerns at the Madison Subdivision clubhouse retention pond and behind the tennis courts efficiently and professionally. Total Project Cost: $20,585.00


The project is estimated to take approximately 1.5-2 weeks, but this is an estimate and not a guarantee. Any potential delays, such as adverse weather conditions, will be promptly communicated to the client via email and in person whenever possible. Please note that inclement weather is the most common factor that may affect the completion timeline.


To initiate the project, a 50% deposit is required. This helps us cover a portion of material costs. The invoice for this payment will be sent at least 1 week prior to start date and client is expected to be prepared with check on the morning of day 2 provided the rock and machines are in place and on site. The final payment is due within 10 days of project completion. A 5% late fee will be applied for payments made after 20 days. We prefer payment through check or ACH transfer. Credit cards may be utilized for transactions under $50,000, with a 3.5% surcharge added.

For any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact TJ Stoner at 770-255-8718 or via email at

This quoted price will be honored for 90 days or until 06/01/2024.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

Please click here for a printable PDF of this estimate.

Plan Images for Madison Subdivision Retention Pond 01/30/2024

Before Images of Madison Subdivision Retention Pond 01/30/2024

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